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Menu Individual Item Selections


Whole Chicken Wings (25 pcs) Fried Baked $40/pan​

Chicken Legs & Thighs (25 pcs mixed) Fried Baked Jerk Curry $35/pan

Chicken Drummettes (50 pcs) Fried Baked Jerk Curry $45/pan

                             (100 pcs) Fried Baked Jerk Curry $60/pan

Meatballs (appr. 50-60) Barbecue Swedish Sweet-n-Sour $40/pan

              (appr. 80-100) Barbecue Swedish Sweet-n-Sour $60/pan

Cubed Steak (10 pcs) w/Onions Gravy $40/pan

Barbecue Ribs (pork) (feeds 10) $49/pan

Roast Beef (sliced) (feeds 15) $55/pan


Deviled Eggs $22.50/dozen

Mini Pizza Rounds (20 pcs) Cheese $25

Pepperoni/Cheese $30

Custom price based on toppings $_______

Finger Sandwiches Ham/Cheese (20 pcs) $25

Turkey/Ham/Cheese (20 pcs) $35

Turkey/Roast Beef/Cheese (20 pcs) $42

Side Items

Deep Dish Macaroni & Cheese $40/pan

White Rice (LG) $30/pan

Brown Gravy $12/pan

Wild Rice $40/pan

Green Beans $35pan

Sweet Butter Corn $30/pan

Deep Dish Meat Lasagna (feeds 15) $45/pan

Candied Yams $35/pan

Garlic Mashed Potatoes $35/pan

Potato Salad $42/pan

Collard Greens (seasoned with smoked turkey wings) $40/pan


Biscuits $15/dozen

Sweet Cornbread (pan or dozen muffins) $15

Homemade Bushman Bread (similar to Outback Steakhouse bread) (12 mini loaves) $35/pan

Homemade Sweet Rolls $25/dozen


Destinee’s Signature Red Velvet Cake (includes cream cheese frosting with or without walnuts)

2 Layer Cake $35

3 Layer Cake $45

Cream Cheese Poundcake (with or without lemon cream cheese frosting or frosting of choice)

2 Layer Cake $30

3 Layer Cake $40

Bundt Cake $30

Destinee’s NY Deep Dish Cheesecake (includes whip topping, fruit topping & graham cracker/crushed pecan crust or plain)

Small $35

Medium $42

Large $50

Peach/Strawberry Crumble Serves 10 $30/pan

Peach or Apple Crumble (with or without walnuts) Serves 10 $25/pan

Hors d’oeuvres (made by the dozen)

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rounds $30/dozen

(Smoked salmon and cream cheese-your flavor choice- served on a cucumber round)

*clubhouse butter crackers can be substituted for cucumber rounds*

Chevre Tarts $22/dozen

(Smooth goat cheese and caramelized onions served on a flaky tart shell)

Basil Chicken Skewers $25/dozen

(Tender chicken marinated in basil pesto)

Brie Crostinis $22/dozen

(Crostini bread topped with brie cheese and cranberry relish)

Crispy Prawns $25/dozen

(No oil fried prawns served with a honey basil aioli)

Spanokopita $22/dozen

(Spinach and feta filled pastries served with cucumber dill tzatziki sauce)

Parmesan Chicken Skewers $25/dozen

(Breast of chicken served with sesame-ginger or smoked paprika aioli)

For Parties of 12 or more people (to share)

Antipasto Platter $5.50/person

(A stunning presentation of meats, cheeses, olives & marinated vegetables served with crackers)

Mexican Platter $3.50/person

(Layered dip of beans, guacamole (if desired), sour cream, salsa and Mexican cheeses served w/ tortilla chips)

Fruit & Cheese Platter $4.50/person

(Fresh slices of fruit with cubed cheeses)

Deli Meat & Cheese Platter $5.50/person

(A combination of sliced deli meats, cubes of cheese, sliced pickles and crackers)

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